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The Philippines and their hardworking Seaweed Farmers have a historic, world-saving opportunity to fight climate change with Seaweed-powered Carbon Dioxide Removal (Seaweed-CDR). 

 Join First Gigaton in making the Philippines the world leader in Seaweed-powered Blue Carbon.

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Seaweed Farmers & LGU Officials: 

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First Gigaton is officially a Qualified Team competing for the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal funded by Elon Musk.  The First Gigaton Team includes our Seaweed Family Farms in the Philippines.  They are the people doing the hard work removing carbon and fighting climate change.  Any prize money that FG wins goes to scaling the FG's Seaweed-CDR capacity throughout the Philippines and worldwide. 

 Join us on this exciting adventure :).  



First Gigaton is a proud alumnus of AirMiners Launchpad (Batch 4) a group of talented startups pioneering the creation of the CDR Industry.


Philippine Seaweed Farmers

Join the adventure!

Phase 1: World's First Seaweed-CDR Farms

Phase 1: World's First Seaweed-CDR Farms

First Gigaton is proud to partner with the hardworking people of Padada, Davao Del Sur to establish the world's first dedicated Seaweed-CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) Farms.  In 2023, Padada farmers will grow 13,000 tonnes of seaweed to remove over 2,500 tonnes of carbon (and start our journey to that First Gigatonne!)

Phase 2: 250+ Farms for XPRIZE

Phase 2: 250+ Farms for XPRIZE

In 2023, we are expanding to 250+ farms in Padada and throughout Mindanao to remove 25,000 tonnes of carbon in 2024 as part of our demonstration project for XPRIZE. 

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Phase 3: Scaling to Save the Planet

Phase 3: Scaling to Save the Planet

The Philippines' seaweed production is currently 1.6 million tonnes per year.  By 2028, FG will partner with 12,000 Farmers, scaling the country's Seaweed-CDR industry to more than 6 million tonnes of seaweed.  This is just the start, but we'll remove 1.2 million tonnes of carbon each year and make the Philippines the global leader in reversing climate change.  

How First Gigaton Works

First Gigaton invites all

  • Seaweed Farmers
  • Fisherfolk who want to grow seaweed
  • Fisherfolk and Seaweed Farm Cooperatives, and
  • LGUs

to join our movement to make the Philippines the world leader in Blue Carbon.

First Gigaton provides each farmer with:

  • All Seaweed-CDR Arrays (i.e. lines, floats, seedlings), Equipment, Repairs, Replacements, and Upgrades.
  • A Monthly Salary that comfortably supports their family.
  • Paid Medical Insurance for their family.
  • The opportunity to continually grow their business with First Gigaton investment and support.

In addition, First Gigaton supports annual development projects in our partner communities so the neighbours of our farm families also experience concrete benefits.

First Gigaton is a Canadian social benefit corporation.  Social benefit corporations are like NGOs in that they serve the community.  Our Social Mission is twofold:

  1. Restore a Stable Climate by Removing Atmospheric Carbon (Climate Action).
  2. Secure Generational Prosperity for the people (our seaweed farm partners) working hard to remove the West's carbon emissions (Climate Equity).

NGOs finance their operations with donations.  We finance our operations through the sale of Blue Carbon Credits to western companies.  This is the best way to achieve both objectives of our mission.  More importantly, it is the only way to earn the revenue needed to secure generational prosperity for our partner farm families.

Our Business Model ensures our farmers will be happy feeding their families without worry, growing their businesses, and helping save the planet for all of us ~ for generations!


Contact Us to Join.

From just one hectare to many per year, you tell us how fast you want to grow your share of the carbon market. We just need your email address to start. No Cost. No Risk. No Obligation.

We Remove Your Risks.

Growing seaweed is risky. Will you have a good crop? Will weather or ice-ice destroy your profits? Will you be able to find a buyer willing to pay a fair price?

First Gigaton removes your risk with a monthly salary. You are paid no matter how successful your crop is. Moreover, we provide all equipment, including repairs and replacements, medical insurance for your family, growth with our investment, and profit-sharing.

Your Seaweed-CDR Harvest.

Three things will be different when harvesting your Seaweed-CDR Crop:

1. Harvests will be every four weeks.

2. You do not have to dry your crop. Instead, you pack the seaweed immediately into sacks that First Gigaton provides.

3. First Gigaton collects your seaweed sacks usually the same day as it is harvested.
Seaweed Farmers

Carbon Sequestration.

Seaweed naturally sinks to the bottom of the sea. Most of it just doesn't sink deep enough for the carbon to be permanently sequestered.

First Gigaton empties your sacks of seaweed at the nearest sea depths greater than 1000 meters. At those depths, your seaweed becomes buried and mineralized on the ocean floor, trapping the carbon inside for thousands of years.

You Keep Growing!

We repeat the process every four weeks. First Gigaton supplies new seedlings as needed and any new CDR Arrays you add when you decide to expand production. This way, you will continually expand, grow your business and profits, and remove more and more carbon each season.

Your Seaweed Farm is a Powerful Climate Solution

Seaweed Farms ~ like yours ~ are the world's best chance for preventing catastrophic climate change. 

Most people think planting trees are the solution.  While reforestation and conservation are critical to the climate fight, trees take decades to grow and sequester carbon for less than 100 years. 

In comparison, seaweed grown by First Gigaton's partners for Carbon Removal is harvested every four weeks ~ and sequesters carbon for thousands of years.  Only seaweed grows fast enough to remove the hundreds of gigatons of atmospheric carbon dioxide needed to restore a stable climate. 

Human-made carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change.  The oceans absorb most of the world's atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions.  Sadly, the excessive global emissions that cause climate change also cause seawater acidification when absorbed by the oceans. 

Through photosynthesis, macroalgae (i.e. seaweed and kelp) absorb the carbon dioxide in seawater and convert it into the algae's biomass.  Growing seaweed is thus both a remedy for atmospheric carbon and ocean acidification. 

In the wild, most of the carbon captured by seaweed is released back into the water and atmosphere as the seaweed decomposes in shallow water.  In the case of your farmed seaweed, the captured carbon is eventually released into the atmosphere as the seaweed is processed and consumed in product form. 

To fight climate change:
1. We need to grow more seaweed! and  
2. We need the seaweed to sequester the carbon it captures permanently by sinking the seaweed in water deeper than 1000 meters.

The First Gigaton Protocol transforms the crops you plant for CDR into a powerful climate solution.  At each Seaweed-CDR harvest, First Gigaton sends a sample of the crop to a laboratory (e.g. a Philippines Department of Science and Technology Lab) to precisely determine each crop's carbon content. 

First Gigaton then deploys the harvested seaweed to a nearby location where the ocean depth exceeds 1000 meters.  At depths greater than 1000 meters, the deep-ocean pressure mineralizes the seaweed's biomass, including the captured carbon.  This mineral state sequesters the carbon for thousands of years.

Carbon removal is set to become a trillion-dollar industry.  Seaweed-CDR is Smart Carbon Removal.  As a result, global demand for Seaweed-CDR will soon dwarf the global market for all other seaweed products such as agar, carrageenan, food, feed, and fertilizer. 

The Philippine coastline's proximity to ocean depths greater than 1000 meters gives the country's seaweed farms a distinct competitive advantage ~ and the opportunity to be the global leader in this new industry.

The world needs your expertise and skills.  First Gigaton connects you with global corporations and citizens who will pay Philippine Seaweed Farms good money to grow more and more crops for carbon removal. 

Future generations worldwide will know and thank you for your role in stopping (and reversing) climate change.

Feed your Family.

Grow your Business.

Save the Planet.


First Gigaton Carbon Removal Collective.

KelpLeaf 67 x 80 px

First Gigaton Carbon Removal Collective (firstgigaton.com)  is a start-up social benefit corporation located on Canada's west coast on the traditional and unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples and the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation (Nanaimo, BC). 

First Gigaton partners with subsistence seaweed farmers in the Global South to grow seaweed exclusively for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).  FG supplies everything farmers need to start and expand their Seaweed-CDR operations, including monthly salaries to comfortably support their families. 

At each monthly harvest, FG takes possession of the seaweed, determines its precise carbon content, and sequesters it permanently at sea depths greater than 1000 meters.

Our Mission is twofold:

To remove atmospheric carbon fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change and restore a stable, thriving biosphere. 

And at the same time, 

To ensure Climate Equity and Generational Prosperity for the people in the Global South working hard to remove the Global North's carbon emissions and restore a stable climate for all of us.

Our Goal is to capture ~ you guessed it ~ the first gigaton of global carbon emissions.  Then we'll keep scaling until we have a stable climate and thriving biosphere.

Our Vision is for our members to be able to tell their grandkids and great-grandkids that ~

"We removed the first gigaton of global emissions and then hundreds more to restore a stable climate.  At the same time, we helped a million families secure Generational Prosperity.
. . . Now let's go play on the beach."


You know you have to remove your carbon.  You've heard calls for Climate Equity.

Now you can do both ~ with one easy subscription.

FG's first partners are seaweed farm families on the island of Mindanao, one of the poorest regions of the Philippines.  The Philippines is the ideal location for global operations because much of its 38,000 km coastline is within 15 km of sea depths exceeding 1000 meters.

Our partners have been growing seaweed ~ and capturing tonnes of carbon ~ for decades.  However, most subsistence farmers grow seaweed for industry, and the carbon they capture is not sequestered.  Even worse, they never make more than a subsistence living. 

At our peril, the world is wasting the climate-saving potential of seaweed-powered Carbon Dioxide Removal (Seaweed-CDR). 

We cannot let that happen.

The solution?  A global CDR Collective focused on removing carbon at speed and scale.   

First Gigaton's CDR Collective consists of:

  • Our first-mover subscribers (you, your family, your company)
  • Our Seaweed Farm Families, and
  • FG's Sequestration Teams. 

You subscribe.  

Our farm families grow the seaweed and capture the carbon. 

First Gigaton's SQ Team precisely measures the carbon, sequesters it, and issues your carbon credits. 

An Independent Third Party ensures the entire process adheres to the highest standards for CDR.  (FG's removed carbon is 100% Additional, Precisely Quantified, Permanent, and Verified).

Together, we'll scale Seaweed-CDR throughout the Philippines and the Global South.

By 2030, our Collective will be removing a megatonne (one million tonnes) of atmospheric carbon per year in the Philippines alone.  By 2035, a gigatonne (one billion tonnes) per year globally.  The whole time we'll work with other CDR companies to ensure that our combined CDR capacity reaches the 10 - 20 gigatonnes per year by 2050 required to avoid the worst impacts of climate collapse. 

Best of all, the farm families removing the Global North's carbon ~ the very people on the water working the seaweed farms ~ are the ones who benefit economically. 

By 2035, the Collective will empower over a million seaweed farmers to feed their families without worry, grow their businesses, and secure generational prosperity.  All while saving the world. 

The goals may seem crazy.  But the world has wasted so much time that these goals are now the bare minimum required if we are to avoid catastrophic climate collapse.

Most importantly, we are ready to go.  Right now.  No new technology is required.  We have the expertise and a growing army of experienced seaweed farmers eager to take action.

All that is needed is for the companies and citizens who can afford it to step up and subscribe.

Join the First Gigaton CDR Collective.  

No matter your corporate or personal budget, you can make it happen.  Future generations will thank you. 

Planting Now.
Join us!

Seaweed Farmers & LGU Officials: 

Send us your email for more info.

Please let us know your name.
Please let us know your email address.
Please choose all that apply.

Or contact Junie Coscos at


WhatsApp: +63 942 088 2977

Mobile: (917) 634 5409


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