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You know you have to remove your carbon.  You've heard calls for Climate Justice.

Now you can do both ~ with one easy subscription.

First Gigaton partners with subsistence seaweed farmers in the Global South.  Our first partners are seaweed farm families on the island of Mindanao, one of the poorest regions of the Philippines.

FG's partners have been growing seaweed ~ and capturing tonnes of carbon ~ for decades.  However, most subsistence farmers grow seaweed for industry, and the carbon they capture is not sequestered.  Even worse, they never make more than a subsistence living. 

At our peril, the world is wasting the climate-saving potential of seaweed-powered Carbon Dioxide Removal (Seaweed-CDR). 

We cannot let that happen.

The solution?  A global CDR Collective for collective CDR Action.   

First Gigaton's CDR Collective consists of our first-mover subscribers (you, your family, your company), our farm families, and FG's Sequestration Team. 

You subscribe.  Our farm families grow the seaweed and capture the carbon.  First Gigaton's SQ Team sequesters the carbon and issues your carbon credits.  An Independent Third Party ensures the entire process adheres to the highest standards for CDR.  (FG's removed carbon is Additional, Quantified, Permanent, and Verified).

Together, we'll scale Seaweed-CDR throughout the Philippines and the Global South.

By 2030, our Collective will be removing a megatonne (one million tonnes) of atmospheric carbon per year.  By 2040, a gigatonne (one billion tonnes) per year.  The whole time we'll work with other CDR companies to ensure that our combined CDR capacity reaches the ten to 15 gigatonnes per year by 2050 required to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. 

Best of all, the farm families removing the Global North's carbon ~ the very people on the water working the seaweed farms ~ are the ones who benefit economically. 

By 2040, the Collective will empower two million seaweed farmers to feed their families without worry, grow their businesses, and secure generational prosperity.  All while saving the world. 

The goals may seem crazy.  But the world has wasted so much time that these goals are now the bare minimum required if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Most importantly, we are ready to go.  Right now.  No new technology is required.  We have the expertise and a growing army of experienced seaweed farmers eager to take action.

All that is needed is for the companies and citizens who can afford it to step up and subscribe.

Join the First Gigaton CDR Collective.  

No matter your corporate or personal budget, you can make it happen.  Future generations will thank you.


Powerful CDR

FG's Seaweed-CDR's power comes from its simplicity. 

  • No new tech is required ~ just the sea, lines and buoys,  and the hard work of dedicated seaweed farmers. 
  • It's fast (Only 3-6 weeks to harvest < not the 6-8 months for kelp < the years and decades for trees).

  • It's efficient (Seaweed can permanently remove 20 tonnes of CDR per hectare per season). 

  • It's scaleable (We'll beat 1 Gigatonne CDR per year by 2040). 

  • It owns the "criteria" for the highest quality Carbon Credits (Additional, Quantified, Permanent, and Verified).

  • It's nature-based and natural (No fertilizer or pesticides required.  No funky chemicals, emissions or byproducts produced). 

  • It's crowdfunded (Companies and citizens with budgets of all sizes make it happen).

XPCR Musk Foundation Black


First Gigaton is officially registered for the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal funded by Elon Musk.  The First Gigaton Team includes our Seacat Farming Partners in the Philippines.  They are the people doing the hard work removing carbon and fighting climate change.  Any prize money that we win goes to scaling the FG's Seaweed-CDR capacity throughout the Philippines and worldwide. 

Phases 1 and 2 of our roadmap below are part of the competition.  Join us on this exciting adventure :).  

Phase 1: World's First Seaweed-CDR Farms

Phase 1: World's First Seaweed-CDR Farms

First Gigaton is proud to partner with the hardworking people of Padada, Davao Del Sur to establish the world's first dedicated Seaweed-CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) Farms.  In 2023, Padada farmers will grow 13,000 tonnes of seaweed to remove over 2,500 tonnes of carbon (and start our journey to that First Gigatonne!)

Phase 2: 250+ Farms for XPRIZE

Phase 2: 250+ Farms for XPRIZE

In 2023, we are expanding to 250+ farms in Padada and throughout Mindanao to remove 25,000 tonnes of carbon in 2024 as part of our demonstration project for XPRIZE. 

Sign up now to join the adventure!

Phase 3: Scaling in the Philippines

Phase 3: Scaling in the Philippines

The Philippines' seaweed production is currently 1.6 million tonnes per year.  By 2028, FG will partner with 12,000 Farmers, scaling the country's Seaweed-CDR industry to more than 6 million tonnes of seaweed.  This is just the start, but we'll remove 1.2 million tonnes of carbon each year and make the Philippines the global leader in reversing climate change.  

Phase 4: Scaling to Reverse Climate Change

Phase 4: Scaling to Reverse Climate Change

In 2024 FG will begin scaling throughout the Global South in our sprint to exceed 1 Gigatonne of CDR per year by 2040.  We'll continue scaling and removing carbon until the world is safe with a stable climate and thriving biosphere.

"We removed the First Gigaton of global emissions, and then hundreds more to restore a stable climate.
At the same time, we helped millions of families secure Climate Justice and generational prosperity.
Now, let's go play on the beach."



(when your great-grandkids ask about what you did to stop climate change)

"We removed the First Gigaton of global emissions, and then hundreds more to help restore a stable climate.
Now, let's go play on the beach."

(when your great-grandkids ask about what you did to stop climate change)


First Gigaton Carbon Collective.

First Gigaton is a start-up located on Canada's west coast on the traditional and unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples and the traditional territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation (Nanaimo, BC). 

Our Mission is to remove atmospheric carbon fast enough to prevent catastrophic climate change and restore a stable, thriving biosphere.

Our Seaweed-Powered Carbon Dioxide Removal (Seaweed-CDR) Market removes carbon fast, measurably, and permanently.  

The Seacat Seaweed Farmers Carbon Collective ( is the growers/supply side of the Market.  Seacat brings together seaweed farms from across the Philippines (and soon the world) to dedicate growing allotments of their seaweed crops exclusively for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). 

First Gigaton Carbon Collective ( is the buyers/demand side of the Market.  First Gigaton crowdfunds the rapid scaling of the CDR capacity of our Seacat Partner Farms by providing companies and citizens with a complete range of unique and sustainable carbon-funding solutions. 

Our Goal is to capture ~ you guessed it ~ the first gigaton of global carbon emissions.  All our captured carbon will be measured, verified, and sequestered at depths greater than 1000 meters in oceans around the world.  Then we'll keep scaling until we have a stable climate and thriving biosphere.

Our Vision is for members to be able to tell their grandkids and great-grandkids that we removed that first gigaton and led the movement that reversed climate change.

"And now this beautiful world is yours."


Where can I get more information?

For more information, connect with Mike Dickhout:

Call/Text: +1 250 327 8910

We look forward to hearing from you!



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