We Pay You To Grow
Seaweed & Kelp
for Carbon Removal.

Feed Your Family.  Grow Your Business.

Save the Planet.

SEA.CAT Sea Farmers Carbon Collective is a global network of
Seaweed and Kelp Growers.
We pay you in advance to add a carbon-only crop to your existing operations.   

 Join Today to Add Your Profitable Carbon Crop! 

Profit & Grow By Helping Stop Climate Change

All Countries

All Countries

We need Seaweed and Kelp Farms from every country.  Right now, we are seeking farm partners in the Philippines, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

All Sizes

All Sizes

We need partner farms of all sizes ~ even the smallest half-hectare farm.  We pay you to ADD a carbon crop for us to your current operations.

All Seaweeds & Kelps

All Seaweeds & Kelps

We need the crops that you are best at growing.  We will fund and buy any kind of seaweed or kelp crop that you grow with us!

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Future Generations

Your Sea Farm is a Powerful Climate Solution

Sea Farms ~ like yours ~ are the world's best chance for preventing catastrophic climate change.  

Only seaweed and kelp grow fast enough to remove the hundreds of gigatons of atmospheric carbon needed to restore a stable climate.  Global demand for algae-powered carbon removal will soon dwarf the global market for all other algae-based products such as food, feed, and fertilizer.

The world needs your expertise and skills.  SeaCat connects you with global citizens who want to support you by helping your farm grow more and more crops for carbon capture.

Feed your Family.

Grow your Business.

Save the Planet.

How SeaCat Works


Join the Collective.

Membership is Free Forever. We just need to start with your email address. No Cost. No Risk. No Obligation.

How Fast Do You Want To Grow?

From just one half-hectare to many hectares per year, you tell us how fast you want to grow your share of the carbon market. We'll need to know the type of seaweed you grow and your expected yield in wet tonnes per hectare. As well, please tell us your start-up costs for adding your carbon farm plots per new hectare (e.g. posts, floats, seedline, labour).

We Pay In Advance.

Upon agreement on your new carbon crop start-up costs and final harvest delivered price, we put the full payment in an escrow account. The first payment is released to you to cover your start-up costs. The final payment is made upon you delivering the harvest.

Harvesting Your Carbon Crop.

Three things will be different when harvesting your SeaCat Carbon Crop. 1. You do not have to dry your crop. 2. You must accurately weigh the crop (wet weight). 3. You must provide a sample of your crop for carbon content analysis at the nearest university lab. (We pay the costs).

Delivery At Sea.

The final condition of your Carbon Crop is that it must be bundled and weighted, and delivered out to sea at depths greater than 1000 meters. This can be done by your company or sub-contracted to another. Again, Sea Cat covers all costs. Upon confirmation of delivery, your final payment is released.

You Keep Growing!

The very next planting season, we repeat the whole process. However, you will already have an existing carbon farm plot this time. We'll buy the crop from that plot and pay in advance for any new carbon farm plots you add. This way, you will continually expand, grow your business, and remove more and more carbon each season.

Five Advantages

SeaCat delivers your growing share of the Carbon Market with five unbeatable advantages.

1. Your Price. Your Profit.

Currently, Carbon Prices are too low to be profitable.  

But we don't buy your carbon.

Instead, we buy your wet algae crop at your price to ensure a profit equal to or higher than your profit from your other crops.

Of course, if the carbon value of your crop ever exceeds the normal crop price, we'll pay you the higher carbon price.

2. Your Expansion Funded.

You are already busy growing algae for other customers and products.  We won't ask you to divert any of your current operations. 

Instead, we fund the addition of pure carbon crops to your existing operations.  You decide how many hectares you want to expand your carbon crop.  We then have money in your account before you set a single seedline.

3. Cash Upfront Contracts.

You tell us how many hectares and the wet weight you can supply, and we'll have cash in your bank before you order/produce your seedline.  Funds will be released to you as you need them for planting, tending, harvesting, and delivery ~ with your profit included.

4. Your Market Share Secured.

As a SeaCat Member, you secure (and grow) your share of the Carbon Market, no matter the size of your farm.  Each season, you simply tell us how many hectares you can dedicate to your carbon crop.


We need seaweed and kelp from every farm worldwide ~ even the smallest.  Annual demand for sea farm carbon will grow exponentially by the megaton, then by the gigaton.  No farm, company, or country can meet this demand alone.  SeaCat will lead the Carbon Market by pooling our production capacities. 

5. SeaCat = Real Carbon Removal.

SeaCat's Carbon Buyers are not paying to wait ten or twenty years for trees to grow, or paying to stop grown trees from being cut down.  While reforestation and conservation are crucial in fighting climate change, they are not efficient carbon removal.

Instead, our Carbon Buyers pay for real carbon removal that is rapid (six to eight months), precisely measured, verified, and permanent.  

The SeaCat Carbon Credit Protocol sets the highest standards for carbon credits and secures global demand for your carbon crops.

Future Generations


Eligible Farms

Sea farms of all sizes from all countries are eligible.

The only other criteria are that your company must be able to:

1. Accurately weigh your wet carbon crop upon harvest within a predetermined margin of error.

2. Transport the wet carbon crop out to sea and sink the harvested crop at depths of more than 1000 m.

3. Provide the Collective with a sample of your harvested carbon crop for carbon-content analysis. 

NOTE: We pay you based on the carbon crop plot size (in hectares) and wet tonnage of your crop. We do not pay you by your harvested crop's carbon content.  However, we need carbon-content analysis for accurate recording of the amount of carbon captured by your carbon crop. 


My crops are already catching carbon. Will you buy carbon credits for them?

As a sea farmer, your crops are already catching carbon and you are already doing far more for the climate than most industries.

Unfortunately, your current crops do not meet two core criteria to be considered for high-quality carbon credits.

1. Additionality.  High-quality carbon credits can only be given for carbon that is captured for no other purpose.  Your existing crops grown for processed products are capturing carbon, but the carbon is not considered to be "additional" because the carbon would be captured with or without a carbon credit.

2. Permanent.  High-quality carbon credits require the captured carbon to be stored for at least 100 years.  With seaweed and kelp products there will be leakage of carbon back into the atmosphere during processing and consumption.

The good news is that your crops that follow the Sea Cat Carbon Credit Protocol will meet or exceed all five criteria for the highest quality carbon credit.  This gives Collective members a distinct competitive advantage.


Sea Cat Sea Farmers Carbon Collective

Sea Cat Sea Farmers Carbon Collective ( is the growers/supply side of the world's first Algae-Powered Rapid Carbon Removal Market. 

The Collective brings together kelp farms of all sizes from around the globe to "crowdsource" and pool a portion of their seaweed and kelp crops dedicated solely for carbon capture. 

Sea Cat is the exclusive supplier to the First Gigaton Carbon Collective.

First Gigaton Global Citizens Carbon Collective ( is the buying/demand side of the Market.  This Collective gives citizens, communities, and companies a complete range of unique and sustainable carbon crowdfunding solutions.  First Gigaton's revenue powers the rapid scaling of the algae-carbon operations of the Farmers Collective.


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